Attila Leder,

​Founder, Digital Frontline

"Grace is an extremely positive person.  If you are looking to increase your chances of success in your career or personal life, look no further.  Grace is the coach who can help you achieve that!"

"Grace comes highly recommended.  She has a great ability to motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals.  I recently had the opportunity to work with Grace on a corporate level and was extremely impressed with her professionalism and knowledge.  I have no hesitation in recommending that you hire her for your next event.!"

Motivational Speaker - Keynote Speaker - Trainer and Coach

Mel Wiseman,

​Wealth Manager, Yellow Brick Road

Gerry Pennel,

​Lending Manager, First Financial Pty Ltd

"Grace is passionate about personal development and coaching.  If you need help to create a plan for a better life, whether on a personal or professional level, Grace can help.  She will ask you the right questions to open your mind to new possibilities and support you as you make the changes you want.!"

"I highly recommend Grace for any personal development plan you have in mind, whether it is for your employees or on an individual basis.  She will open your mind to abilities you never knew you had!  I would not hesitate in hiring Grace for your next event!"    

Tania Paola,

Founder, Gourmet Communications Pty Ltd

Andrea Preece, 

Founder, Andrea Preece Media

"I recommend Grace for all your corporate training needs.  She has a high level of professionalism and the ability to inspire and motivate and is always available for any questions you may have.  She has a vast knowledge of human behaviour and our ability to succeed.  I would recommend you hire Grace for your next event!"