What are the goals that you want to achieve in your lifetime?

I would like you to make a list of 101 goals that you would like to achieve in your life.

The important thing that you are required to do is be specific.

Include details such as dates, places, amounts, models, sizes and so on.

If you keep your goals somewhere that you can review them it will keep them at the top of your mind,

and therefore you will be more likely to make them a reality.

There are several ways to keep them in the forefront of your mind.

* Placing them on 3 x 5 cards that you can view every morning and evening.

* Placing them on a poster or a piece of paper that you can hang beside your computer

* Placing them in a book that you read each night just before you fall asleep.

* Create a vision board

The goals that I have achieved so far are in bold font.

For your inspiration, please read the goals below that I want to achieve before I die:

(They have now grown to 134 goals!)



These are the places I would like to visit:

  1.  Prague
  2.  Paris, France
  3.  Monaco
  4.  Machu Pichu, Peru
  5.  Bora Bora
  6.  Agra, India
  7.  Washington State
  8.  Sienna, Italy
  9.  Vienna, Austria
  10.  Las Vegas
  11.  Graceland, Memphis
  12.  Grand Canyon
  13.  Rome, Italy
  14.  Florence, Italy
  15.  Pisa, Italy
  16.  Boston, Mass
  17.  Toronto, Canada
  18.  Dubai
  19.  Bali
  20.  Thailand
  21.  Tokyo, Japan
  22.  Hong Kong
  23.  Venice, Italy
  24.  Los Angeles
  25.  Dallas
  26.  San Marino, Italy
  27.  Calabria, Italy
  28.  Miedzyzdroje, Poland
  29.  New York
  30.  Washington D.C.
  31.  Madrid, Spain
  32.  London, England
  33.  Ireland
  34.  Terracotta Soldiers of Xian, China
  35.  Moscow
  36.  Tour the Greek Islands
  37.  New Zealand
  38.  Rio De Janeiro
  39.  Nepal
  40.  Nice, France
  41.  Tahiti
  42.  Tibet
  43.  San Francisco
  44.  Morocco
  45.  Hawaii
  46.  Amsterdam
  47.  Maastricht, Netherlands


I will:

 48. Go on Safari in Africa

 49. Go in a Submarine

 50. Swim with the Dolphins

 51. Go to the Olympics

 52. Go on an aircraft carrier

 53. Monaco Grand Prix

 54. Go to the Super Bowl in the U.S.



55.  Live to 100+
56.  Appear on a TV Show to be interviewed
57.  Be a guest on radio shows
58.  To be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey
59.  Write a best-selling book
60.  Write my own best-selling book
61.  Co-Author a book with Jack Canfield
62.  Make $1m in one year
63.  Meet the U.S. President
64.  Go into the Oval Office
65.  Own a Mercedes AMG CLS 63 Coupe`
66.  Own a Mercedes AMG SLC 43 Roadster
67.  Own a black Jaguar
68.  Own an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider
69.  Own a home in the hilltops of Positano, Italy
70.  Own a Penthouse Apartment in the city of Melbourne
71.  Own a $1m Yacht
72.  Build or buy my own Dream House
73.  Speak in 30 or more countries
74.  Give a University address
75.  Publish 100 books
76.  Receive a $1m advance for a book
77.  Have $5m net worth for when I retire
78.  Appear in a Movie
79.  Appear in a TV ad
80.  Graduate in Travel, Tourism and Events
81.  Graduate in Business and Accounting
82.  Become a Best-Selling Author
83.  Publish a Poem
84.  Write a book of uplifting poems
85.  Learn to play the piano
86.  Give a speech or do a seminar in all Australian States
87.  Do Seminars and Training for the Department of Education
88.  Increase productivity for 20 businesses by providing training, seminars and support
89.  Appear on the cover of a magazine
90.  Get paid $5000 for a single talk
91.  Do a keynote to 10,000 people or more
92.  Write a children’s book
93.  Do the Fire Walk
94.  Have an amazing 60th Birthday Party
95.  Be inducted into the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors
96.  Weigh 60 kilos
97.  Make many new friends here and overseas
98.  Enjoy a White Christmas
99.  Have a nationally recognised newspaper column
100.To have empowered over 100,000 students
101.Volunteer work – youth, homeless
102.Go to the gym five times a week
103.Have a personal gym in my home
104.Sing a song with Barbra Streisand
105.Own an apartment in New York
106.Own a million dollar property
107.Write a children’s book with my grandson Caleb
108.Have my websites on page 1 of Google
109.Attend the Academy Awards
110.Attend the Golden Globe Awards
111.Attend the Tony Awards
112.Attend the Logie Awards
113.Attend the Grammy Awards
114.Attend Andre` Rieu Concert in Maastricht


The people I would like to meet are:

115. Jack Canfield
116. Bob Proctor
117. Andy Garcia
118. Caroline Kennedy
119. Angela Lansbury
120. Julie Andrews
121. Barbra Streisand
122. Don Henley
123. Tony Robbins
124. Andre Rieu
125. Jack Thompson
126. Nicole Kidman
127. Martin Sheen
128. Dalai Lama
129. Michael Douglas
130. Ed Harris
131. Fran Drescher
132. Hugh Jackman
133. Will Smith
134. Barack Obama